What’s in your co-op apartment?

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How to get a condo deal in the Los Angeles area

Here are some tips for getting a deal in Southern California.1.Take the long route 1.You may want to call your broker before you commit to a new condo deal.The broker is likely to know what you want, and offer you a deal that suits your budget and style.2.Ask for an appraisal You can get an…

Eagles acquire coopers hawk properties

The Philadelphia Eagles and coopers hawks have agreed to a three-year lease for a $1.1 million apartment at 1033 W. Broadway in the Midtown area, sources told Fox Sports.The deal, which was announced on Thursday, is expected to close in the next few days.Coopers, the largest real estate brokerage firm in the U.S., has owned…

How to join a co-op in your home state

The co-ops in the states with the highest co-operative membership rates are all located in the Northeast.This is because a co co-opt is the most flexible form of government in the U.S. The coop system is based on property ownership and ownership of common resources, like land, water, and air.In the coop world, people who…

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