How the Commonwealth Cooperative Bank helped boost farm and fishery incomes

By Tom JonesPublished August 05, 2019 08:15:53It was a story about a cooperative bank.A family who owned a farm in Dorchester, Massachusetts, had been struggling for years to get by on their farm-owning wages, but now their bank loan was the main source of income for the family.The bank loan had been made possible by…

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By Tom JonesPublished August 05, 2019 08:15:53It was a story about a cooperative bank.

A family who owned a farm in Dorchester, Massachusetts, had been struggling for years to get by on their farm-owning wages, but now their bank loan was the main source of income for the family.

The bank loan had been made possible by a small loan made to the family by a state cooperative, which was then turned into a loan to a farm owner.

The farm owner took over the loan.

Then, in September 2019, the bank loan went into default and the family was told their farm would not be able to make payments on it.

The family lost everything and the bank was forced to foreclose on their home.

The state’s Cooperative Bank has been a lifeline for Dorchester and other farming communities, providing loans and other financial assistance to the communities they serve.

The cooperative bank is one of several in the Commonwealth that helps provide support to farmers and small businesses that have difficulty or no access to bank loans.

“When I was at the Cooperative Bank, we worked on small loans to farmers, small businesses, small farms, small commercial farms, farmers cooperatives and farmers cooperators, but we also helped them with loans to small businesses,” said Sarah Miller, a member of the Cooperative Board.

Miller was the chief financial officer for the cooperative bank for nearly 20 years, and she now serves as vice president of the state’s largest cooperative bank as part of the board.

The Cooperative Board has about 6,500 members and has helped more than 7,600 households since it was established in 1947.

Miller said the Cooperative board’s members are trained in financial literacy and are trained to help people and businesses make the most of loans.

For many farmers, loans made to them by cooperatives or state-supported small businesses were often the main sources of income.

The financial assistance made possible was especially helpful for farmers who struggled to make ends meet on their wages and the loan could also help them pay their bills and help with their mortgage payments.

“We are very proud of the cooperative board and what it has done,” said Jim Anderson, executive director of the Connecticut Farmers Cooperative Association, which is a member bank of the Commonwealth cooperative bank that serves about 1,300 cooperatives across the state.

“Cooperative banks are an essential part of what the cooperative system does for communities, and we want to be a part of that,” Anderson said.

The Commonwealth Cooperative bank helped farmers like the Miller family survive.

The bank loan enabled the family to survive on their own.

And now, the family can move forward.

Dorchester County is working with the cooperative banks to make sure that farm and fishermen cooperatives can continue to benefit from the loan, which will be repaid over time, Miller said.

In addition to the cooperative loan, the cooperative is helping with the farm and fishing cooperative programs at the Dorchester Farm and Fishery Association, a program created in 2015 that gives grants to cooperatives to purchase or renovate their land, Miller added.

The farm and fisheries cooperatives are not in financial distress, and the loans and grants that the bank is providing are being repaid, Miller explained.

Miller said that for a cooperative, the best way to help is to support a small business that is making a good profit.

The loan has helped the family, but the loan was only the beginning.

The cooperative has provided them with the tools they need to keep working, and now the family has to pay off their loan, she said.

Cooperatives and cooperatives in general help support small businesses in rural communities, as they are a vital way to keep the economy growing and people employed, Miller noted.

Cooperative Banks also work with the state Department of Labor to provide financial assistance for small businesses who are part of a workforce and want to expand, said Liz Miller, director of labor relations and community engagement for the Department of the Workforce.

The cooperatives also help to connect small businesses with credit, so that they can expand, she added.

For the cooperative and the cooperative in general, they are there to help, Miller told ABC News.

And as long as they do that, the cooperatives have been a great help.

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