How to get a condo deal in the Los Angeles area

Here are some tips for getting a deal in Southern California.1.Take the long route 1.You may want to call your broker before you commit to a new condo deal.The broker is likely to know what you want, and offer you a deal that suits your budget and style.2.Ask for an appraisal You can get an…

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Here are some tips for getting a deal in Southern California.


Take the long route 1.

You may want to call your broker before you commit to a new condo deal.

The broker is likely to know what you want, and offer you a deal that suits your budget and style.


Ask for an appraisal You can get an appraisal for a condo or apartment deal through the real estate agency in your area.

The appraisal will give you a better idea of the property’s market value and its likely to include a down payment.


Look for condos in your neighborhood The average condo in the area will cost about $100,000, and the average apartment will cost less than $100.


Get an appraisal If you’re looking for a rental apartment or condo, ask a real estate agent about an appraisal and see if they will get you an offer.

You can also get a real-estate agent to appraise your property at your home.


Make sure your budget is good The real estate agents in your city may also recommend you get a discount or a higher price if you are over the age of 55 or have an income of less than 60 percent of the area median income.

If you can’t afford a discount, a broker can help you with that.


Make a deposit on the condo The real-ty agency that is offering you a condo might also ask you to make a deposit to help pay down the loan.

This will help pay off the loan over the life of the deal.


Check your bank statements Your bank statement may show you an increase in your monthly payment, but the actual mortgage payment is likely going to be much smaller than the deposit.


Find a roommate It’s best to have a roommate for a year before you sign a lease.

If your roommates are older than you, the loan may be a better deal for you.


Check the credit score Your credit score can also help you decide whether to get the condo.

If the credit history is good, you should probably get a loan, but you can take a loan at a lower rate and have your loan interest paid over the loan term.


Try out the condo deal You can check your current credit score to make sure you are on the right track.

If a lender has an older loan or has already paid the balance on your loan, it may be worth getting a new loan.


Make your offer The realtors in your town or city may offer you discounts on your condo or apartments if you can show that they will keep you in the deal for at least a year.


Get the loan documents You can obtain loan documents from the lender or broker for a lower price.


Make the deposit If you need to get your deposit down, you can do this by calling a realty agency in the city where you live.

You might also need to call a bank to get an order of checks for the deposit to pay off your mortgage.


Start saving the money for your condo You can make savings by opening a checking account with a bank.

A bank account helps you avoid fees that banks charge you when you make a payment.


Make an appointment with a realtor to discuss the deal If you are still interested in the offer, you may want go to your broker and ask for a better offer.


Make some changes to your budget If you plan to move into a new apartment or condominium, you’ll need to change your budget.

You’ll need more money to pay for the condo, or you’ll have to pay more for rent.


Check on your credit history If you have an outstanding credit card balance, you might be able to refinance it to help reduce the cost of your new apartment.


Check with the bank If you haven’t yet got a loan from your bank, you will need to make an appointment to apply for a loan or make a new mortgage.

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